Weekend Academic Safaris (2014)

 The following optional, weekend academic safaris are arranged to give learners a group discounted guided opportunity to experience various Swahili/Tanzanian/ East African cultural sites of interest.

a. Zanzibar Trip (download detailed 4-day itinerary) $600.00

b. Arusha/Tarangire/Ngorongoro (download detailed 5-day itinerary) $ 900.00

c. Bagamoyo Trip (2 Days) $350.00

d. Mikumi Game Park (3 Days; an alternative to Arusha) $450.00

e. Udzungwa Forest Reserve (2 Days) $ 300.00

f. Amboni Caves (2 Days) Tanga $ 220.00

g. Cost for the following academic Safaris in Kenya will be made available to those going to Kenya.